Pet Portrait FAQs


People have LOTS of questions about my pet photography!   “How do I know my dog will cooperate?   What do I bring?   What session should I get?”   When you call,  we will discuss with you what type of portrait you want, who your pets are,  and  where & how your images will be displayed.  You will choose your session, and set an appointment at that time.

Your session appointment is your own private time, with no rushing.  Many clients think their pets are “misbehaving” at the session. Pets will be excited to be at the studio, after all it’s a whole new experience!  Don’t worry, we will work together to get some great   shots.

Below are some of the most asked questions about pet portrait sessions.  Have more? Contact me.


Why do clients choose to have you photograph their pets? 
Simple…people love their pets, and want to celebrate what their dog or cat means
to them while they are still here with us.  Many sessions are given as gifts and make great
birthday, Valentine,  and anniversary surprises.

 Do you have a studio?
Yes,  sessions are done in  the Largo studio, by appointment only.

How much are the prints? And do you sell digital images?
Yes, digital image collections are available. Basic pricing information can be found right here.

How do I book a session?
Call or email me to book your session.  We will discuss your session choices,
talk about your specific pet(s) and what you are looking for from your  session.
Appointments are available to accommodate your busy schedule.
Evenings and weekend appointments are very popular.

I saw a photo I really liked and want that look…can we do that?
 Yes. We can discuss any ideas you have for your own portraits.
Do you like black and white?  Want something really funky?
More traditional?  We will tailor your session to you. 

What will happen at my session?
When you arrive at the studio, I will take
a few minutes to meet and greet your fur-family.
We will discuss any backdrop choices
and special  needs at this time. Then it’s into  the studio!
You will be very active in helping to capture your pet’s portraits.
Remember, your pets pick up on your attitude feelings, so relax and have fun.

How long does a session take?Sessi

ons typically last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour,
depending on which session you’ve purchased.

What should I do to prepare for my pet’s photoshoot? 
For dogs, exercise your pet  during the day before
your session.  Bring favorite treats along, and any cute toys
or other articles you may wish to have in the portraits.
The comfort of your pet is paramount, so potty and drink
breaks will be taken if needed.

 My dog (puppy, cat, etc.) is a nut! We’ve never been
able to get a good photo of him, and I’m afraid he will not sit still for you.

Don’t worry, we will  all work together using  tricks of the trade
and even some bribes to ensure great results.

I have a black dog, he always looks like a black blob in photos. Can you photograph him?

Yes! Black fur needs correct lighting to show up well in an image.
The lighting techniques I use will show your black pet beautifully.

How do I pay for my session?

Payment for your session is due in full at the time of your shoot,
with  check, cash, or credit card.

Do you sell gift certificates?
 Yes. Any session can be purchased as a  Gift Certificate.  Contact me for details.